Is it possible to register for classes alone ?

Yes, you can register alone. Once you have signed up, you will either receive an email confirming your registration, or an email telling you that you are on the waiting list.

How does the waiting list work ?

When you are put on the waiting list, it means your registration is not confirmed because you still need a partner. Whenever a new leader registers alone, our system will look for the first follower on the waiting list and match them. This will take you off the waiting list as an ‘alone follower’. You will then receive an email confirming your registration.

Do we have a greater chance to get a spot if we register in couple ?

If you are a follower, yes. If you are a leader who registers alone, there usually is no problem getting a spot straight away.

Here’s why we recommend followers who are alone to find a partner for the registrations:

1)   Generally speaking, we receive more requests from followers than from leaders, which means we end up with more ladies than gentlemen. To prevent the imbalance from becoming too big, we limit the number of single followers, meaning the ‘extra’ followers are put on the waiting list and won’t be able to register.

2)   When you register as a couple – provided the class is not already filled up – you will directly receive an email confirming your registration.

Is the charleston class a good alternative if I am an ‘alone’ follower who can’t get a spot?

Absolutely ! Here’s why :

1)   Given this is a solo dance class, you don’t need a partner to register.

2)   The content of the class is complementary to the Lindy Hop class and will help you once you learn the Lindy Hop.

3)   It’s a good opportunity to meet people who already care about swing dances. Since gentlemen also take solo classes, it’s an opportunity to meet a potentially interested partner with whom you can register for the next Lindy Hop session. 

How should I dress for classes ?

What matters it that you feel comfortable. Do try and avoid high heels, though.

Is it possible to take a trial class before registering ?

No, it’s not possible to try out a weekly class before registering. But we regularly propose free initiations. Stay tuned by following our Facebook page.

Do we switch partner during class ?

Yes. We rotate partners during class so you can learn how to lead and follow anyone on the dancefloor. This also allows students to progress faster. It is however possible not to change partner. In this case, please speak with your teachers.

Does Easy Swing teach private classes ?

Yes, we offer various forms of private classes for all levels. For more information, please contact us at info@easy-swing.be

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