Published on 30/03/17

Express Your style and Yourself

Express Your style and Yourself

Research laboratory on its femininity: Express Your style and Yourself.

2nd edition!

After the success of the first edition last year, I am delighted to be able to start a new Laboratory adventure and invite you to join us.
This Laboratory is a space centered on the search for its own and individual femininity, mainly through movement and dance. For this we will explore different styles of dance (Charleston, Blues, Bellydancing but also Burlesque or Afrohouse or Twerking), as well as different styles of music, all this allowing to integrate various techniques but also to perceive which styles best suit us. Beyond an ordinary dance class, the Lab is a real workshop of self-exploration, its relation to the body and everything that composes its individuality. And together we will make this pretty path.
The course consists of 10 sessions spread over 10 weeks (as far as possible participants are asked to come to all courses) and each session lasts 2 hours (warm-up, technical learning, exercises, exchange and stretching ). Also, the number of places is limited to 15 people for more comfort and that everyone can find its place.

Hope to meet you !

Testimony of a participant of the 1st edition:

"An estrogenic moment as I love them, an awareness of my own body.
Discover the possibilities of femininity. To dare and give oneself the means to be this sensual woman, affirmed, radiant and free.
This course, too short, is a marvelous open door on a vast world to traverse throughout our experiences and encounters.
He gives me some keys to open, one by one, the locks that lock the body that houses my soul.
Dance. To consume without moderation."

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