Published on 30/03/17

Open Doors Bal Swing FREE LESSONS and PARTY

Open Doors Bal Swing FREE LESSONS and PARTY

Saturday January 21 - Easy Swing open doors party, time to lindy hop and charleston !

Dive into the world of the roaring twenties!
Saturday January 21, Easy Swing offers you the opportunity to partake in its open doors party at la Tentation in the center of Brussels. This event will gather a great number of artists of the swing and retro scene. This evening’s menu features: lindy hop and charleston initiations, a concert by God Save The Swing, dance shows, lindy hop and charleston contest open to everyone, and many more surprises. 

We invite you to dress up for the occasion: fringes, boas, 3-piece suits and borsalinos are more than welcome! We'll also have a retro photo studio to get some "vintage" pictures, so get ready ;-)

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Programme of the EASY SWING Open doors evening:

7.45 : doors open
8.00 - 8.30 pm: charleston initiation
8.30 - 9.15 pm: lindy hop initiation
9.30 : Party start with concert, shows, contest, ....

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