Published on 15/09/16

Intensive courses

Intensive courses

Intensive classes: lindy hop, boogie woogie, charleston, ...

This year we will offer intensive classes around different topics, on top of the regular weekly classes. 
A good opportunity to refine your dance, work on your style and above all to discover new things you'll be able to weave into what you learn during weekly classes.

Intensive classes to learn even more about swing!

Come and approach other techniques, movements, and even other dances from the swing dance family.
Depending on the theme, classes will take place during one or several evenings (4 to 5 evenings max.), at a rate of one evening a week. 
It's also a great opportunity to keep up by following some intensive classes for those who cannot make it to any weekly classes. 

All the dates and themes will be online by October 1st.
Check back regularly! 

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