Published on 11/06/16

Summer Workshops : August

Summer Workshops : August

Lindy hop & Balboa Workshops - AUGUST 2016

Get ready and in good shape for the new season, hit the dancefloor before the beginning of weekly classes in September, join our end of summer workshops !

Monday August 22 : Intensive lindy hop workshop for beginners.

Tuesday August 23 : Exclusive Balboa workshop, discover this 1930' Californian Swing dance which will allowed you to dance on fast rhythm

Wednesday August 24 : Special "Jumps and Air steps" Workshop for level Edison & more.

Venue : La Tentation
Rue de Laeken 28
1000 Bruxelles

Price :

30€ for 1 workshop of 3h00

55€ for 2 workshops of 3h00

I register now:

Lindy hop beginners

Balboa beginners

Lindy hop : "Jumps and Air Steps"

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