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When you learn to dance, basics are essential.  The same is true for teachers: if you want to have a good time during the classes, it is key to have qualified and experienced teachers, able to communicate their knowledge. Easy Swing teachers have a passion for Swing, are able to teach dancing, but also share and communicate their passion to new enthusiasts in a joyful atmosphere.
One of the leading teachers of Easy Swing this season is Andy Spitz, an international dancer and teacher for more than 10 years. He has a passion for the 20’s and 30’s and travels around the globe in sync with the international workshops and festivals where he shares his taste for and knowledge in swing dances.

Discover the Easy Swing Dance Teachers:

  • Andy Spitz : teacher - choreographerAndy Spitz : teacher - choreographerPassionate about Jazz music and culture, Andy began swing dancing by chance at the age of 18. Quickly, he will fall in love with it and he will decide to travel around the world to study the swing dances and its culture.
  • Helena VerheyenHelena VerheyenHelena Verheyen is a vernacular jazz dancer and costume designer based in Gent, Belgium. Over the last 15 years she has explored many dance forms, from ballet to african dance, tango, capoeira, contemporary dance, theatre, samba, modern...
  • Nicolas NamanNicolas NamanNicolas Naman : Blues Master Dancer and choreographer, Nicolas has always been in the dance world : Beginning with classic and then hip-hop he began partner dancing in 2004. He quickly chose swing dancing in all its variations,...
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