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Swing dance classes in Belgium

Easy Swing teachers: enthusiasm, passion and experience

Passionate and Experienced Teachers

The way you are taught is what matters most in any type learning process.
Our swing dance teachers taught several thousand all level swing dancers throughout the world and trained numerous teachers everywhere on the globe, including in Belgium.

Our swing dance teachers

Promote swing dancing in Belgium

Promoting Swing Dance in Belgium

Vintage dances, such as Swing Dances are increasingly popular throughout the globe. These vintage dances, performed on jazz music from the 1920’s to 40’s, are indeed gaining momentum.
Easy Swing aims at promoting these dances in Belgium with experienced dance teachers.

Our dance classes

Adapted classes to your level and your desire

Classes Adapted to your Level and Wishes

Dancing is about enjoyment but can also be a passion and true discipline.
This is why Easy Swing provides classes adapted to all levels. Whether you are an absolute beginner, professional dancer or just curious, Easy Swing will get you to like Swing Dances.

Our swing dance classes

Online classes

Don’t Wait Any Longer and Discover our On-Line Classes!

It sometimes takes a lot to go to dance classes, as you may feel uneasy.
To make you feel at ease and let you discover our approach, Easy Swing has Videos at your disposal with free Swing Dance Introduction Videos.

Swing Dance Introduction Videos

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